Hi. I’m Rachel. I’ve just finished studying Computer Science and Software Engineering at university and like to dye my hair wacky colours. Only now, I’m sort of growing it out so I can get a proper job. 😀 Only now, it’s mostly normal colours because I have a proper job. I still don’t know what my natural colour is though.

This is another blog to go with my fifty billion other blogs and journals. 😀 Only this time, hopefuly there will be actual content about stuff. Stuff being the scientific term for shiny and not shiny things that catch my eye. Partly, this is also an exercise in improving my writing skills.

“More Tomorrow and Other Stories” is also the title of an anthology of stories by my favourite author, Michael Marshall Smith and I hope he doesn’t mind me borrowing it for this blog. Buy his books, they’re really great.

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Rachel on April 19th 2006

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