Miss Army Kit

swiss army knife

This is the greatest most girly knife in the history of the world ever and I want one.

“Pink, chic and looking like something Penelope Pitstop might keep in her pocket, Miss Army Kit contains everything you need to solve everyday emergencies, including nail file, tweezers, needle and thread, mirror, torch, scissors, corkscrew, perfume bottle, pill box, mini knife, bottle opener, ruler and pen. Try carrying that lot around separately!”

Aside from the corkscrew (though I suppose I could stab people with it), those are all handy little things that I would use fairly regularly. I may just have to buy one. 😀

Ladybag – never forget your essential items again

This is really really cool. No longer would I have to rifle through my bag to make sure my purse is there (my keys have bells on, so only shaking the bag vigourously is needed to find them). Attaching RFID tags to my important stuff would make sure I didn’t have to rummage making sure it was there, or go running about looking for stuff that is already in the bag. On the other hand, I’m still kind of squicked by attaching RFID tags to stuff – probably because I need to know more about what they can and can’t do.
This would be a great bag for a lot of my friends though – the number of times phones and keys have been forgotten are almost too numerous to count!
[found via Gadget Candy, more info here]