Starlog #5

Scott asked, “What Star Trek technology is on your list of must-haves?” Could the Star Trek universe exist without this type of technology? How would it be better (or worse) with (or without) this technology? Be sure to use evidence to support your argument.

I would love to have a replicator! All the different foods I could eat would be fantastic, especially the ones that are difficult to get where I live, and then to compare them against the “real” thing would be really interesting. I don’t know if the Star Trek universe could exist without this type of technology – in Voyager, they have replicators but due to the energy use (I think) they try not to use them too much and in the Original Series they don’t really seem to have them – just sort of food dispensing units rather than a device that could conjure almost any item. Without replicators, ships would have to carry vast amounts of supplies and need to regularly re-stock – as we saw in Voyager, and maybe also in the Original Series where they had a five year mission, rather than something more open-ended.

Author: Rachel

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