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Miss Army Kit

swiss army knife

This is the greatest most girly knife in the history of the world ever and I want one.

“Pink, chic and looking like something Penelope Pitstop might keep in her pocket, Miss Army Kit contains everything you need to solve everyday emergencies, including nail file, tweezers, needle and thread, mirror, torch, scissors, corkscrew, perfume bottle, pill box, mini knife, bottle opener, ruler and pen. Try carrying that lot around separately!”

Aside from the corkscrew (though I suppose I could stab people with it), those are all handy little things that I would use fairly regularly. I may just have to buy one. 😀

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Rachel on May 18th 2006 in Girly Stuff

X-Men 3

Long spoilery trailer for X3

EEEeee! This trailer is wicked! Beast is perfect… he has exactly the right mannerisms and voice and the action in the film makes it seem really exciting. Magneto is great as always and it kind of looks like Storm has some kind of actual spine, instead of being an annoying bitpart.

I am so looking forward to this film.

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Rachel on May 18th 2006 in Film

Second Life – almost the most addictive game ever

I just started playing a game called Second Life and it is hideously addictive. I’m going to have to see what else I can do, other than wander about, pick up money and change my appearance… but you know, that’s enough to keep me entertained for a few hours.

With the added incentive that it’s not revision.

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Rachel on May 12th 2006 in Games, Internet