Starlog #1

As much as I enjoy academic study, signing up to do an actual university course/degree/whatever is expensive and completing a Masters is probably as far as I’m going to go with that. Other than cost, what would I even study further?! My undergraduate degree is software engineering but my postgraduate study was religion, politics and conflict resolution lol. My interests are kind of spread wide rather than going into a lot of depth (although, I suppose completing a degree is some depth!).

I used to do the odd Open University module when it was more subsidised by the government but now… At least they and other academic institutions have gotten on the MOOC-train and offer online courses, that are mostly free. I’ve just started Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology which the Smithsonian is offering on edX. As much as I love Star Wars, I love Star Trek more, so combining Star Trek and academic study is right up my alley.

Since I’ve complete the first unit of the course, I’ll add the Chief Warrant Officer insignia to this post to keep track of my course rank.

Chief Warrant Officer insignia